Social Services

Social workers will assess your needs on an individual basis and create a customized plan and determine what resources you need and would be eligible for. Your social worker would then work to secure those resources for you. There are a number of resources in our community that we have researched and can provide referrals to. Social workers provide counseling and support to the patients and families that are enrolled in our Hospice program and visit on a regular basis. Social workers will also assist with advance directives.

Resources may include:

• Financial assistance
• Food & Clothing
• Veterans Resources
• Legal
• Support Groups & Counseling
• Transportation
• Disability
• Housing

Bereavement educators keep in touch with families of our patients for up to 12 months or more as needed. We offer individual and group grief support. We also offer grief classes to the community that are free of charge. Please contact us for current class schedule.

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