General Inpatient

There are guidelines for the use of General Inpatient. This is a short term stay at the Hospice House that may be utilized for teaching and symptom control; such as pain or nausea. This may also be a transition period from the hospital to our Hospice House. While at the Hospice House, both patient and family will be educated on symptom control, medications, and daily care of their loved one. This is a short-term stay, and once those goals are achieved the patient will return to their home setting.

You will need to bring your current medications, and you may bring clothing and other personal care items. Visitors may arrive as they wish and are welcome to stay overnight, as each room offers a pullout couch and recliner. Children are welcome as well; there is a play room available. Also for visitors, is a community kitchen, which is stocked with snacks and drinks free of charge. Pets are welcome as well; please schedule this with Hospice House staff. Meals are provided to patients and may be purchased by visitors, please check with staff for special request and availability.

* These guide lines are outlined by the Medicare rules and regulations for inpatient hospice care. Click for more information.

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